Are You Interested In Chelmsford College Jobs?

One of the best places to find jobs in Chelmsford is at the Chelmsford College. The college is one of the largest employers in the Chelmsford area and employs over 450 full time and part time staff.
The college is popular in the area as the highest quality teaching provider for further education pupils, and is situated in a large and contemporary campus, which provides both students and staff with a safe and attractive environment in which to work. As well as being based in a vibrant location, the college offers all of its employee’s benefits such as a competitive salary, generous pension, free courses and additional discounts for a variety of services and stores.

The Jobs At Chelmsford College Offer A Variety Of Roles

As such a large employer, the college has a vast array of employment opportunities to offer the local community, and no matter what your background or previous work experiences, at the college you will find something that is suitable to your needs and skills.
All year round the college is looking for bright and enthusiastic individuals to join their team of part time and full time workers, and can provide jobs to teachers or professionals who would like to use their field expertise in a new career and learn to teach. Support staff are also extremely valuable to the daily running of the college, and there is always a high demand for part time staff such as I.T support technicians, administrators, human resource workers, estate maintenance workers and learning support staff. Therefore, no matter what field of work you are aspiring to go into, at the Chelmsford College your ideal job could be waiting for you.


How To Find Chelmsford Student Jobs

The Chelmsford College offers all of it students support and advice on how to get a part time job, in order to make it possible for students to try and fund themselves during their studies.

Local part time vacancies can be found by students at the student job shop, or even on the student job shop intranet. The job shop provides a vacancy database of all of the available vacancies in the area that would fit the search criteria of a student. Staff at the job shop provide students with advice on the best places to look for work, and can also provide additional support on issues such as how to lay-out your CV, or tips on how to behave during an interview.