Chelmsford Borough Council Jobs Have A Lot To Offer

The Chelmsford borough council employs over one thousand staff members, and is at the heart of the Chelmsford community. Working for the council could be a great opportunity, as the areas of work that they cover is extremely varied, making it ideal for people who may be looking for a specific field of work.
Excitingly, all of the employees at the council can benefit from a wide range of advantages, such as a generous pension scheme, outstanding training and development opportunities and flexible working hours. The council has also been awarded the coveted ‘Investor in People’ status.

Which Chelmsford Council Jobs Would Be Right For You?

At the council, you will find a wide collection of job vacancies that span right across all of the council’s departments, as they are always looking to employ a mix of people ranging from professional and technical staff to administration and support staff. This means that whether you are hoping to start a full time career with the council, or are looking for a part time support role to act as a stepping stone in your career, the council will have the ideal job for you. Anyone can apply for a chance to work at the council as a member of the administration or support team, as you are only expected to have sufficient I.T and communication skills.

Chelmsford borough council strongly contributes to the amount of jobs in Chelmsford, and are also passionate about helping young people into work. As a result of this, they run three separate programmes every year in order to encourage the younger generations to gain experience in a working environment, and then use their newly acquired skills to go on and find a successful career. The council offers three programmes; an apprenticeship scheme for 16 to 18 year olds, a yearlong internship, and a graduate scheme.

If you are a young person who is looking for a path into a government career, or who simply needs some experience of working life, then this would be an ideal way for you to gain some experience of life within a work environment.

How To Apply For Chelmsford County Council Jobs

If you decide that you would like to join the Chelmsford council as a member of their team, then you should take a look online where you can find additional information on their job vacancies and areas of work. The council website has a large vacancy database that lists all of their latest jobs, and you can apply to any of these with the online application form. Moreover, the council also uses the local press to advertise some of their upcoming vacancies, so it is also recommended that you keep an eye on the local newspaper for any exciting opportunities.